Frequently Asked Questions

1. I found something on your website,  can I come in and try it on or see it before I make the purchase.   

Unfortunately,  our online inventory is separate from what is displayed in the shop.  You can make the purchase online,  choose "in store pick up".  We will notify you when your order is ready to pick up.  When you get the to shop,  you may try it on or take a look at the item.  If you are not happy with the item,  you may return it at that time.  

2.  I am a consignor,  can I use my store credit toward online purchases?

As of right now,  there is no way for consignors to use store credit for online purchases.  However,  if you make a purchase online,  call us,  we will be happy to refund your card for the amount you have in store credit.  

3.  I like an item online & want to come in and purchase the item in store? 

We suggest purchasing the item online to guarantee its yours.  Make sure to choose "local pick up".  When you come to pick up your item,  you can try it on at that time.  If it doesn't work out,  we can do a return. 

4.  Are the items on your online shop the same as what you have in the store? 

No,  our online merchandise is different from the items displayed in the store. 

5.  I made purchase online,  when can I come in and pick it up?

We will notify you when your order is ready for pick up.  Online orders are available for pick up during our business hours.