Consign with Us

How it works

* We are CLOSED on Mondays & Tuesdays *

We are looking for Designer & Brand Name Transitional into Spring Clothing, Boots, Handbags, Accessories, & Jewelry

Note: we are no longer taking bottoms such as pants, jeans, or skirts.   If they are brought in,  they will be donated.    

However,  we are still looking for premium denim in excellent condition & lululemon & athleta leggings.     

  •  Stop in any day anytime to drop off your items
  • We will select the best-sellers at a later time ( this process may take up to 30 days ) and donate the rest to NU2U Thrift Store in Saline or to Safe House Womens Shelter in Adrian MI.    
  • we do not set items aside for you to pick up at a later time,  we can provide you a tax receipt.  

  • We like them on hangers or folded nicely in bags.  Items brought in on hangers will be processed faster.  

  • Please allow us at least 30 days to process your items. Your items are processed faster if you bring them in on hangers. 

  • You can check to see what items were chosen & when they when they were put on the sales floor by going to click on "consignor log in" . Follow the steps from there.

  • Your items will be displayed for 60 days in the store. The 60 days starts the day your items are processed and put on the sales floor. If you change your mind during this time and want to take your items back. You will be charged a $10 restocking fee.

  •  Items priced over $50 will be kept for 120 days or longer (we will not donate items priced over $50)  If you change you mind during this time and want to take your items back. You will be charged a $10 restocking fee.

  • You will receive 40% of the sale.

  • You may pick up a check anytime after the 15th of the month for items that were sold the prior month or before. We can mail a check upon request. We will deduct $1.50

  • You may use store credit at anytime.

  • We are not responsible for loss of items by theft or fire. We do our best for these things not to happen.

  • We do not charge a fee to consign, however if someone purchases one of your items and pays with a credit card you will see a 5% deduction on that item.

  • Items chosen to sell in the store that do not sell within 60 days will become property of The Resale Boutique & either sold for store profit in an annual sale or donated to NU2U Thrift Shop Non Profit in Saline or to the Women's Safe House Shelter in Adrian MI. 

  •  Items priced over $50 and displayed for 120 days or longer that do not end up selling will be available for you to pick up if you call us ahead of time.  

    Thanks for consigning with us, we appreciate your business.

 We are always looking for treasures to add to our ever-changing inventory

 Drop off your unwanted items ANY DAY ANY TIME!!!!   Its that simple!


What are we looking for?

HOT SELLERS....  Anything Lululemon & Athleta, Along with Designer Bags & Boots,  Sorel, UGG, Frye, Sperry, Kate Spade, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Leather Goods,  j crew, Eileen Fisher,  Chicos,   Banana Republic, Anthropologie,  Designer Clothing to name a few....


  • We are looking for seasonal "like new" condition brand name & designer clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry & accessories.  .  

  •  Items need to be current styles purchased within the past couple years 

  •  Designer Labels are desirable*

  • Vintage Chic is also welcomed

  • Please bring no more than 25 items at a time.  Before you drop off,  check for stains, underarms, cuffs, inside of pants.  If they are stained,  please do not bring them.

  • Items MUST be freshly laundered, no wrinkles, and on HANGERS we can keep or folded nicely in bags

  • February - June we accept Spring / Summer - July we take a break from clothing drop offs.  However,  we still look for designer handbags, shoes, boots, & jewelry. 

  • August - December we accept Fall / Winter  January we take a break from clothing drop offs.  However,  we still look for designer handbags, shoes, boots, & jewelry.    

  • .Items that do not sell within the 60 day selling period become the property of The Resale Boutique & may be sold for store profit or donated to NU2U in Saline, Mi.   We will provide you with a tax receipt upon request ( exception of higher end items - we will keep until they sell

  • We do not accept wedding dresses or bridesmaides dress, suits over 2 years old,  under garments,  swimwear or bras.  We will consider swimwear if they have the tags. 


We pride ourselves on establishing and continuing long term customer relationships

Tips on consigning

Get the Most for your treasures

1.  Wash/Clean your items before bringing them in

2.  Check the collars, cuffs, underarms, around the neck, & inside seam in pants.  If these areas of any item are not clean,  they will  not be accepted.  

3.  Make sure they are wrinkle free

4.  We look at the brands,  we only take items from brand stores, boutique stores, & premium labels.  

5.  Items from kohls, target, sears, jc penny, meijer, wallmart, costco, & kmart will be donated. 

6.  When going through your items,  ask yourself " is this item like new",  if its not,  we probably will not take it.  

7.  Check for pilling on sweaters

8.  We check for broken zippers & missing buttons on items

9.  Shoes have to be nearly new for us to take them.  We check for scuffs, worn heels & interior wear.   

Frequently asked questions????

How do i know what items were accepted? 

 Allow us up to 30 days to process your items,  when they are processed your items will show up on your inventory list online.  Keep checking back to view your inventory.  

How do i look up my inventory list?  you will need your consignor ID number.  Call us if you do not know your number

How do you choose a price for my items?  

The price is based on the brand & the condition. 

The better the condition & quality,  the higher we can price the item.

We generally price your consigned items 40% to 60% lower than retail pricing

We also have to keep in mind the discount stores prices like Tj Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, etc....  & Outlet Malls 

We price items as high as we can with our shoppers still feeling like they are getting a good deal

Pre-owned items are only worth what someone is willing to pay!

Why cant i pick up the items you wont accept?  

We do not have the storage space to store items.   We used to do this,  but it got to be too much work.  This is why we have a policy.  If you are not ok with us donating your items, this gives you a chance to sell them elsewhere.  Other shops may do things differently than we do.  

Why can't i make an appointment for you to go through my things or why cant you just go through them right now and give them back to me?

We have a philosophy of "You make it easy for us & we will make it easy for you"...  This means come in whenever you want and drop off (easy for you)... We go through them in the mornings when its quiet & there is no distraction (easy for us).  Remember we do not charge a consignment fee.  You are welcome to take photos of your items and email them to us for review.  

I see in your contract unsold items will become property of The Resale Boutique & sold for store profit or donated? 

We believe in team work.  This is just a little something extra to help us to be able to keep our doors open for you to bring your items to consign.  And it gives us a chance to have sales & keep shoppers excited to come back for deals. 

Remember** We do not charge a yearly fee like most consignment shops.  

We can provide you a tax receipt upon request