1.  Bring in your unwanted good quality like new brand name and designer clothing, shoes, handbags & jewelry anytime we are open.  Our current hours are Wednesday - Saturday 11 to 7 and Sunday 12 to 5.  


2.  We do not go through them at that time.  Please allow us 30 days to go through and process your items.

3.  Items we can not accept are automatically donated to NU2U Again in Saline.  Check them out  We can provide you a tax receipt upon request.

4.  Once your items are processed you will receive an email with a list of your inventory. 

5.  We keep consigned items for 90 days.  You will receive 40% of the selling price after the item sells. Items that do not sell within this time become the property of The Resale Boutique and will be donated to NU2U Again or sold for store profit.

6.  You can check your account on our website anytime.  If you have $$$,  stop in anytime to collect a check or use your $$$ as store credit.  We can also mail you a check upon request for $1.00 fee. it's that simple! 


Still have a few questions?

1.  Do you like the clothing on hangers or in bags?  We prefer them on hangers we can keep. If you need hangers to bring them in on, stop in and we will give you some beforehand.  You may bring them in bags we can keep as long as they are folded nicely.  Please NO BOXES.

2.  What if I want my items back that you did not accept?  We do not set items aside for you to pick up at a later time. Items we do not take are automatically donated.  If you are concerned about this, you are welcome to send us photos to view instead of coming into the shop.  We will look at photos and let you know if they are something we will take.  Or - stop in our shop,  take a look around,  and see if your things would be a good fit in our shop. 

3.  Can I pick up my unsold items, I do not want them donated?  We do not pull and store unsold items.  We will provide you a donation tax receipt.  However,  we will make exceptions for items priced over $100.  

4.  What kind of things do you take?  We look for seasonal brand name and designer clothing, shoes, handbags, & jewelry.  These items have to be in excellent or like new condition and no older than 2 to 3 years old.  We will accept vintage handbags and jewelry. 

5.  Do you take formal dresses, wedding dresses, or prom dresses? No,  we do not.  We specialized in casual everyday wear.  


What are we looking for?

1.  We take seasonal items.  January - June we look for spring/summer.  August - December we look for fall/winter. 

2.  We only take designer and brand name labels.  They sell the best!  If you have any questions about this,  stop in and see our shop or take a peak at our website to see some examples.  

3.  Please make sure your items are clean before bringing them in.  We check cuffs, collars, underarms & the insides of pants.  If they are not clean they are donated.  


Thank you for supporting The Resale Boutique