The past year has been crazy & if you are a business owner,  it has been even crazier!  We are very fortunate to still be in business. The year of 2020 forced us to PIVOT (I like to say it how Ross said it in that one episode of Friends).  During the shut down,  we took the time to develop our online shop.  It's working out wonderfully!  Even before the pandemic times were a little tough for retail.  During the shut down I sat in front of this computer everyday learning and figuring things out.  I didn't relax... well maybe a little!   We cut our in store shopping hours down to 3 days a week.  We are open Thurs, Fri. & Saturday from 12 to 5.  In exchange for the other 4 days a week, we are now able to bring you a consistent flow off new arrivals to our online shop!  If you are not an online shopper,  you can still look.  If you see something you like,  call us ahead of time,  we will pull the item and have it ready for you to look at when you stop in!